Why ‘Luxury’ Shouldn’t be seen as a negative word!

It does sound very pretentious at times when you speak of the luxury industry of London but it is a very strong part of what London is about. Working on the 5ive Star London project has been for me a great experience in not just uncovering the luxury brands of London but also the hidden gems of the most influential and sought after areas of London! Along with developing strong Marketing and Sales Skills, I have begun to realise how amazing the ideas behind these niche brands are!
For instance, Rococo Chocolates, a hidden gem of Motcomb Street and Marleybone High Street. The person behind it, Chantal, has been a very inspiring person in my career and she has truly developed my sense of what good quality chocolate is – her latest book is exceptional in every way, be it presentation or the material in it. It’s not necessarily the price that sets the chocolates apart, but the craftsmanship and knowledge invested in creating these luxuries! http://www.5ivestarlondon.com/2012/12/18/A-Delicious-Chocolate-Book-for-Christmas/
Next is another unique gem of London:
Beach Blanket Babylon, an institution of Notting Hill, one of the hippest areas of London and also a perfect location for celebrity spotting. But Beach Blanket Babylon is far from just any West London Bar, it is an experience in itself. The Private Dining Room is absolutely gorgeous and the interiors have been given extra detail to attention. The cocktails are delicious and above all the staff is extra caring and down to earth. Being there will actually transport you to a different world and make the experience totally worth your while! A true hidden secret of Notting Hill!
Afterall, I have come realise that even though these brands cater to a niche market, their concepts are very unique and carefully thought through! Location is another aspect that makes them stand apart. London is definitely a place that needs to be truly explored by people coming from all over the world and one needs to really appreciate the effort that is put into these brands!

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