Some Kebabs and Naans in the heart of Parsons Green

I’ve found it very hard adjusting to life back in London after a trip back to Islamabad. My mom makes me delicious food, usually starting the day off with a paratha and then pulao for lunch and usually we’d go out for the evening to some restaurant which again has it’s dishes tuned in with the Pakistani taste buds.

Luckily only a few doors away is Nayaab, a home away from home! An authentic Punjabi restaurant that serves absolutely everything you could think of, whether you are craving biryani, kebabs, parathas (The Tandoori ones!), prawns, samosas, paneer, cheese naans, butter chicken and the list goes on and on!
The food is authentic and I can guarantee that! Above all, it is served in a highly classy way which makes the experience even more divine.

Above all, the team is lovely – They ensure you’re taken care of and are at hand to help you choose something that you would enjoy the most whether it is a barbecue dish or curry!

The masala chai is awesome – if you prefer the thicker version with a more milky base just ask for it!

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