Aux Merveilleux de Fred – The new alternative for cupcakes!

Some things are meant to be. Myself and Ashma were about to cross the road and head towards Byron when I turned around right in time and had a peek of Aux Merveilleux – the most genius idea and gorgeous French patisserie I have come across in London.

The concept of meringues with whipped cream is simple but the presentation and flavours makes it very chic and appealing for those who are thinking of moving away from cupcakes and frozen yogurt. My bet is that this will be the next talk in town and hang out spot for all the fashionistas and bloggers as it fits the bill for being a fashionable and yet fun place.

The staff were delighted we had come in exploring and even offered us a tasting of their selection of coffees which was absolutely what we needed on a miserable rainy day. The Hazelnut Meringue I had was bliss, the right amount of cream and crispiness and perfectly complimented the espresso we had.

I highly recommend this to those with a sweet tooth but a key interest in discovering new places in London. I wish my office was close to here, I would be picking up a meringue every morning with some espresso to kick start a crispy winter’s day!

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