Melrose and Morgan, a coffee heaven!

I first heard about Melrose and Morgan when I was at the Primrose Bakery and their manager highly recommended I pay them a visit. My experience at Melrose and Morgan was not just about a good coffee, but rather a learning experience about coffee, how it should be made and for the first time in my life did I enjoy having a filter coffee, only because it was made the way it should be! I cannot thank their Head Barista  Roee enough for talking me through the various coffees!

Some things I learnt on the day:

1)The amount of coffee one should grind for a shot of espresso is usually around 20 g
2)8 ounces of water is the right amount for an espresso shot
3)98 degrees is the right boiling temperature of the water otherwise the coffee tastes burnt!
4)If you are making an Americano, add the espresso over the hot water so that the crema doesnt fade away!

Roee made me a delicious flat white with a fine layer of froth on top, not too strong but with the right kick of caffeine and flavour

Filter Coffee Apparatus!


Flat White

For the first time in my life did I realise that filter coffee if made the right way, with patience can be enjoyed! Not the 99 p ones you get at the high street coffee shops!

The process of slowly pouring water over the coffee, you can notice it blooming!


Latte Art, A cross section between a swan and a peacock!
Life at the coffee machine, being behind the counter was a dream come true.

I highly recommend Melrose and Morgan, I could see people especially coming in for Roee’s coffee and I would advise you take a trip down to Gloucester Avenue, very close to Primrose Hill. Above all, Roee’s passion for coffee and dedication to the concept has made me feel very inspired. If you get a chance do attend the barista classes that Melrose and Morgan will be running towards the end of this month!

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