Sant Ambroeus Upper East Side

I believe I should start blogging about my New York adventure by starting to write about Sant Ambroeus, the gorgeous cafe in the Upper East Side right next door to The Mark. Credit goes to the Hotel Manager of The Mark for guiding me to this gem. I don’t think it could have gotten any better.

The cafe is the epitome of what you would see in movies. A classy spot for the New Yorkers to stop by to pick up their morning coffees and iced lattes on the way to work or back from their morning work outs. The cafe was buzzing with business meetings and friends meeting up for breakfast.

I was headed to a meeting at Madison Avenue right after so I decided to order some breakfast and quite a big one. I opted to have the pancakes along with a latte. The good thing was they were not greasy and came with a good portion of fruits taking the guilt away from me. I had heard that coffee would not be amazing in New York but the latte was actually good. The only thing that did surprise me was the size of the latte more geared towards a flat white.

The location is amazing and the cafe really did introduce me to the life on the Upper East side – couldnt have asked for more! Definitely a taster of the local life.

To book your next breakfast please visit:


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