Madeleine Shaw Menu At Brown’s Hotel

The delicious and beautiful healthy breakfast at Brown’s Hotel in Mayfair!

I quit 95% of my sugar intake at the end of June and I have been going strong uptil now besides the odd sharing of a slice of cake, afternoon tea review but other than that I have strictly products with refined sugar and tried cutting down on all sorts of junk I had been addicted. Its been very hard but at the same time its given me the opportunity to try healthier options around London, replace the sugar with healthier savoury food and it resulted in me losing nearly a stone!

I am glad restaurants, hotels and cafes in London are offering healthy options! One of these is the Madeleine Shaw Menu at Brown’s Hotel. Brown’s has always been a favourite for me in Mayfair – their coffee is great and the feeling of being in between Albemarle Street and Dover Street is amazing. Now with the healthy menu its a great option for breakfast and meetings!

P.S. The new pink china is gorgeous!



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