Le Bilboquet, 20 E 60th

My favourite aspect of dining on the Upper East Side is the element of people watching that comes with it. Some places like Georgette’s are relaxed, great finds if you are acquainted with the right circles in the city and some places like Le Bilboquet are UES institutions and must be on your bucket list if you do a little bit of research. The New York Post article cracked me up as my experience of the restaurant was so different to way the author of the article has described it – unless we were just lucky?  This restaurant is a perfect pitstop on the Upper East Side post your morning shopping sprees in the neighborhood. I was pleasantly surprised when on our last day in the city we walked in during a busy lunch hour and were whizzed to an available table for two at the back.

Everyone is seated quite close to one another and it is an intimate restaurant despite having 100 seats. A classic french bistro with white tablecloths, modern art and plush seating – it was extremely buzzy for a Monday lunch. We even bumped into some of my clients at the restaurants who seem to be regulars and it was great to see familiar faces.

The food and service are wonderful. It’s a great local bistro with all the ingredients you would look for in a New York institution with an uplifting atmosphere and definitely should be on your list of restaurants to visit whilst you are in this neighborhood. And yes, I did go for their speciality of cajun chicken!




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