Coffee with Gavin Rankin of Bellamy’s

Gavin has been exposed to some of the best hospitality concepts across London before opening up his own restaurant and hidden gem of Mayfair, Bellamy’s. Bellamy’s is an understated 65- seat brasserie nestled away in Bruton place, Mayfair. The Queen celebrated her 90th birthday here. The restaurant is also home to an extensive French wine list and an Oyster bar.

Believe it or not, everyone’s favourite desserts are the ones that Gavin’s mother makes and delivers herself to the restaurant! I got a chance to sit down and learn what makes a restaurant like his survive through the changing face of Mayfair and London.


Where did you start?

As the manager of Caviar Kaspia, a restaurant that occupied the same site as Bellamy’s today, in the 1980s. This site used to be a second-hand Rolls Royce garage. I then moved to Annabels as the Managing Director for 11 years. Mark Birley, the Owner of Annabel’s mentored me and taught me a great deal. Annabel’s was the place to be – magical and glamourous.

What makes the service at the restaurant stand out?

Old fashioned hospitality will never go out of fashion. You have to read the scene at the table you are serving – it is important to not probe the guests too much and key to maintain a balance when it comes to interacting with guests. Often waiters in restaurants will ruin a conversation by interrupting. Hence, I always teach my staff to watch and observe the table before approaching to clear their plates. You could be ruining a story without even realizing!

What is your standpoint on the importance of online and the internet as a marketing tool?

The internet is a great source of information if utilized correctly. In my experience my bread and butter come from the regulars and word of mouth. My bi-annual letter is the biggest marketing tool for me which I also publish on my Facebook page. I send it out to my followers and friends every year and it is widely read!

Is any of your family involved in the restaurant?

Believe it or not, my mother, Marina makes two of the desserts on the menu and they are the most popular. Marina’s chocolate cake and the Tunisian Orange and Almond Cake.

Where was the name Bellamy’s inspired from?

The restaurant is named after the club in Evelyn Waugh’s Sword of Honour trilogy of novels.

Bellamy’s is the epitome of understated yet flawless hospitality and attention to detail. I love wandering through Mayfair and discovering the original gems of the neighborhood. Bellamy’s and Bruton Place is the perfect hideaway for an afternoon or evening with friends.

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