Coffee with Arnold Wilkerson of the Little Pie Company

I stumbled upon the Little Pie Company during the summer of 2018 when I was staying at the Cachet Hotel. I take early morning jet lagged walks in the neighborhood and that is how I find the hidden gems of the city one of which was the Little Pie Company. I found myself drooling over the pies and I really wished at that point there was a proper American Pie bakery in London! Maybe we can convince Arnold…..

I do have to admit though – it is the best Apple Pie I have had till date – and they’ll deliver fresh warm pies to your hotel!

What inspired you to start the Little Pie Company?
I was working as a waiter in New York during the eighties, Regan was president and put out the word that this was the year of the entrepreneur and somehow that registered with me.  My original goal was to become an actor after graduating from RADA, I had a brief career in that profession which I enjoyed very much.  Living in London and parts of Europe introduced me to the culinary world of chefs and bakers. There is a kind of theatre in the kitchen profession that allowed me to use my creative imagination to come up with Little Pie Company.

How would you describe a classic American pie?
An American Apple pie is like Shakespeare, in the sense that reading it is not as much fun as performing it.  Peeling the apples, rolling the dough, crimping the crust, measuring the spices and eying the baking process is an act of affection I have seen our bakery staff for thirty plus years perform with great pride.

What does an average day at the bakery for you involve?
The Little Pie Company is a very much a collaborative effort. To maintain and grow the company is a constant goal. After years of baking, my efforts are now focused on finding ways to reach new customers, developing new products and improving on customer care.

Your favourite spots in NY?
One thing I enjoy very much is architecture I think the High Line is great and the new HR building on 13th st. is a delight.

Your favourite guilty pleasure?

Watching Game of Thrones for the third time! 

Your advice to those who want to start their own business?

Your temperament is an important factor to starting a business. Make sure perseverance is a character trait you have plenty of and your belief in the service or product you are offering is what and will allow others to trust in the goals you have set for your business.

What’s next for the Little Pie Company?
We asked our customers to submit a pie recommendation for us to create from scratch. Recently, a list of the top 10 submissions was created and the vote is on PieDay, January 23rd. The pie with the most votes will be created by us and released on March 14th, also known as Pi Day. We have had some creative suggestions from peanut butter pie to coconut custard to boysenberry. 

More can be found here: Little Pie Company

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