Coffee with Leading Astrologer, Susan Miller

I met Susan Miller entirely by fate. I was meeting some friends at Fred’s for brunch during a visit and there she was chatting to me whilst I waited for a table at the bar. I had no clue who Susan Miller was back then but our conversation was so meaningful and has been every single time I have met her since. Susan Miller is one of America’s most if not the most, popular and respected astrologers. Her website Astrology Zone drives 309 million page views and 11 million unique users a year. Having personally worked with websites this is certainly one of the most successful websites I have personally come across.

Susan’s work is followed by celebrities and leading personalities across the world and the US. She kindly gifted me her Year Ahead book for 2019 which I read and felt was very accurate but also informative and detailed – sharing the level of knowledge Susan does is unheard of. Her reading of my chart was also very accurate.

Susan is one of those people I certainly cannot cover in one short interview but this gave me an insight into her life and experiences and made me realize where you work hard and are determined, there is always a way:

What was your childhood like?

I was born with a birth defect which was an excruciatingly painful experience. My mother (also an astrologer) said to me, when I would be 14 it would go away. I would feel attacks whilst standing or walking. I had surgeries and had to learn how to walk. I couldn’t stand any vibrations near my bed. Though I was lucky as I was born in Lennox Hill Hospital and had great doctors throughout. My illness meant attacks that went on for 8 weeks resulting in me not being able to walk. I was homeschooled throughout high school as there was a brace up to my hip. I am resilient and you must live life courageously.

How did you start with your astrology career?

I never wanted anyone to know I knew astrology. My mother knew astrology and taught me everything. Initially she wasn’t in favor of my becoming an astrologer but eventually, she gave in to teaching me based on the precedent that afterward, I would study for another 12 years. She was determined that I did it properly. We would talk a lot about philosophy and long discussions on life. I am accredited by the ISAR (International Society of Astrological Research). I also studied Business at NYU.

Where is astrology headed?

We were happier when it wasn’t as diluted as it is now. According to a publication, there are 100,000 astrologers which is inaccurate. There aren’t 100,000 astrologers. There are approximately 3000 of which even fewer are qualified. You don’t have to be accredited to be a good astrologer but some haven’t studied it enough. You need to be careful who you get your advice from.

The impact of social media is strong but I believe it will tone down. I love to look for talent in a chart and garner it. People come to astrologers when they have a burning question that we have to be qualified to answer. At the same time, people shouldn’t obsess, we can’t fully determine outcomes.

In astrology, I believe, you can have the path you want if you are guided well.

What stages of life matter the most?

The ages of 29 and 42 are extremely critical years in your life. By 29, Saturn in the universe asks you to make choice and choose a goal, be it starting a new business, decide to get married or study further. It takes 3 years then for you to properly set up and work towards achieving that goal. That goal will form a strong pillar in your life that will hold up. That goal pushes you to talk to people, learn and become much more mature.  Saturn’s job is to make you much more stable. At 29 Saturn has been through all the stages and returned to where it was when you were born.

At 42, Uranus comes to oppose your natal Uranus, and is usually a time when you are pulling away from something.. You are making a decision to become much more independent from what society, your family or loved ones expect you to me. You begin to feel a tremendous need to tear away. You discover certain truths by accident. This usually begins between the ages of 40 – 42.

What do you love the most about New York?

The diversity, the mix of cultures and the people you could meet here.

I love the Whitney Museum, Ellis Island, Fred’s at Barney’s, The Cloisters.

Did you know 311 is the Concierge for the City? You can dial it and ask any question about the city. Mayor Bloomberg gave us this.

I love seeing the Cherry Blossoms in Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

Afternoon Tea at The Carlyle.

Lower East Side is a town of its own.

Biggest virtue?

People who work for you feel for you.

You need to have a heart for those that are less fortunate.

None of us is strong until we all are strong together.

Everybody has a beautiful story.


Please visit Susan’s website Astrology Zone and you can also get her app!


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