Coffee with George & Vinny of Chapter Coffee

Chapter Coffee was one of the last places I really wanted to visit prior to lockdown, but things closed down so quickly I missed the opportunity. Being stuck at home during the lockdown and trying to motivate myself was difficult. However, brands have become increasingly creative during this time and coffee is one thing I feel I haven’t had to compromise on.

However, I have enjoyed exploring coffee brands. Chapter Coffee roasts small batches of some amazing varieties of coffee working directly with trade farmers and co-operatives globally. Whilst their cafe is closed, Chapter Coffee is delivering freshly roasted coffee straight to your home.  The founders George and Vinny are extremely passionate about great coffee and ensuring customers learn about coffee along the way.

How would you describe Chapter Coffee to someone who is new to the brand?

 Chapter Coffee is a multi-award-winning independent, speciality coffee roastery.  We are slightly different from other roasters out there as we are also farmers.  We own our own speciality coffee farm over in Brazil which is managed and owned by Vinny’s family.  The knowledge that we have gained from farming our own beans allows us to maximise the flavours of each bean during the roasting process.

What does an average day involve for the both of you?

We actually own and operate three companies in total including a wholesale bakery, wholesale coffee, and retail site which is based in West Kensington.  Our days are busy, varied and challenging which we love as no day is ever the same!  We try to stick to a structure as best we can with a summary outlined below:

– Check our to-do list and the diary for the day ahead
– One hour of exercise 
– Checking emails and making calls 
– Attending meetings 
– Checking in with our management teams across all our businesses for daily progress reports
– Responding to emails and phone calls 
What are your favourite spots in London? 

Chelsea, Fulham, Kensington and Pinner for the scenery and walks. 

How do you envision the coffee scene to be in 5 years from now in London?

I can see the coffee scene heading in the same direction of Australia which is a cafe culture nation boasting exceptional speciality coffee 

How do you take your coffee

Vinny – V60 

George – flat white  

What advice would you give to someone starting their own company?

Research, research, research!

Create a full business plan with all the necessary financials in place including budgets, cash flow and revenue predictions

Ensure you research a good accountant 

Lastly, what are you both doing to relax during the lockdown and avoiding any negativity?

We have used this time to relook at our strategy and update accordingly due to the changing times we all face due to Covid-19.  We have used this as a positive time to try and think of innovative ideas which we are really excited about implementing.

Plenty of exercises and fresh air

Spending quality time with family as well as catching up with friends remotely 


Please support independent brands and learn more about Chapter Coffee Here!

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