Naomi Heaton of The Other House

New luxury is about experiences and being in control. Luxury isn’t always traditional. 

Naomi’s career started as an advertising professional hence it is no surprise that her play of words resulted in The Other House. Naomi has had an extensive career as a property developer since then.

Her passions and eye for interiors is visible in her creation of The Other House. She acquired the building in 2019 and developing this concept kept Naomi busier than ever during the pandemic. She worked flat out and came back to the office to oversee the development of this project. Naomi didn’t suffer from the negative impact of the pandemic lucklily and her creative juices continued to flow.

Managing the site had been difficult during this time but she managed her way through this project. I was amazed with how articulate Naomi is about her concept and launch. 

What has changed since 2019?

The vision of our brand was consolidated by covid ironically. My other company is a property company specialising in residential properties, acquiring, renovating and managing them. I fell in love with property through advertising. Working with Saatchi and Saatchi taught me immensely about the consumer and interacting with them. I started doing up property as a hobby and I finally brought it to the forefront as a career. I realised people needed help in the buying side of managing properties. Back then this service didn’t exist in the market place. I have always been focused on Central London; the most prestigious and cultural part of London. I could envision that people would eventually want a hotel lifestyle long term. Residential living needed to be more immediate with servicing. On the other hand, hotels have a lot of service and less facilities in the room. I wanted to bring together the best of hotel and residential living. We want to be tech based and cater to the new generation. 

We have developed an app that will launch in December and will be seamless for managing your time here. You are also able to measure the energy you use!

The Other House is all about a flexible stay, long or short. 

Slow travel is becoming more important and people want to experience things and will take longer holidays. Employees will also be going for less but longer trips. People in the countryside will need a pied a terre in the city. We are catering to this entire audience. 

Personality wise we cater to a guest who is interested in looking after the planet, social sustainability and they also want excitement and experiences. We see them as wise and curious hence the name of our bar, The Owl and Monkey. 

We have a particular guest in mind. 

We have three sections; The Club Flats, we have a club open to anyone who stays here, we have public areas open to the whole public 

We are catering to a multitude of experiences.  Everything in this concept has come from my previous career in advertising, property and hospitality. The hospitality industry hasn’t necessarily thought of what the consumer wants. New luxury is about experiences and being in control. Luxury isn’t always traditional. 

Sustainability has become absolutely important due to covid. Sustainability is one of our core pillars. We have been able to renovate it in order to meet our sustainability criteria. We are working towards doing the best we can. 

People want what they can control, relaxed and feeling at home. 

The Other House is a moment of calmness the second you walk in. I wanted a design that was different, overstated and colour. Depth, layers and contrast is what makes up the Other House. 

The vibrant animal and fantasy world is what we have aimed to achieve through the interiors. Our bar also offers sustainable cocktails and ingredients, another move towards becoming a fully sustainable operation.

What is the best hospitality experience you ever had?

The Chedi in Muscat. The hotel has been designed beautifully and it is very atypical of the region.

How do you balance your life?

I would say I am a very unbalanced person! My work gives me a sense of purpose and I love creating. This development is a huge exercise in creativity, very dear to my heart.

When the doors opened on the 1st of July it became a living being and took on a life of it’s own. The atmosphere was suddenly calming, inviting and you could feel the heartbeat.

I have a wonderful supportive husband who lets me be fully immersed in work and my passion to continue to create.

More on The Other House HERE

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