Coffee with Trish McEvoy

I met Trish exactly 6 years ago at the Arts Club in London. A friend of mine was a huge fan and she really wanted to say hello. I walked up to Trish’s table and told her my friend was a massive fan and we would love to speak to her. I didn’t know who Trish was back then – but my friend told me – Trish was the OG of makeup artists. For who she was, Trish was ever so humble.

She came up to our table, introduced herself (not that she needed to!) and spent some time talking to us. We exchanged numbers and since then we have been in touch. Since then I have run in to Trish several times – on the streets especially of Knightsbridge. Every time, Trish has said something extremely positive and uplifting to me which genuinely made me feel good about myself and whatever I have been working towards. Trish is enigmatic and extremely humble. It is very important for entrepreneurs to understand that the key to being liked is humility and I have learnt that from Trish.

I finally had the chance to interview her!

Describe your lifetime in makeup in 5 words

The Power of Makeup Confidence 

Favorite spots in New York 

Sant Ambroeus



Central Park 

Metropolitan Museum

Broadway for Shows 

Local Art Galleries 

What has changed the world of makeup since 2022

Blush, blush, blush, and more blush!  

The best life advice you ever received? 

Do onto others and you would have others do unto you. 

What is in store for 2023? 

My goal is to demystify and teach one’s self how to find beauty empowerment power through the finest skincare, color and fragrance – as well as organization and the right tools, with products that feel good and are good, inside and out.

In 2023, of course, we will have our planner of the season as well as our skincare set that features our new Toner, Wash, and Vitamin C serum! 

We are also coming out with gorgeous new lip colors and new textures for cheeks. I am so excited about our new foundation which is formulated with ingredients that enhance your beauty and are good for your skin! 

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