Seven Dials has massively transformed over the years. I remember when we used to trot up to Covent Garden during our times at LSE and mostly hang out at the Primrose Bakery for a special treat. Now things have immensely changed. There are lots of options and more independent places popping up. I do hope this trend continues. The latest concept is Boki, a wonderful hidden gem in the heart of Seven Dials serving a delicious range of breakfast and lunch options paired with great artisan coffee.

This was my first time I tried charcoal sourdough. Sounds bitter but tasted nothing like it with smashed avocado and a poached egg paired with a latte. Charcoal sourdough bread (which is out of my comfort zone) actually tastes just like any other bread but feels lighter and comes with its health benefits.

Boki is the kind of place you must visit if you happen to be staying in or working around Covent Garden and want to visit a true independent place offering a serene getaway from the craziness of London and the tourist attractions. During the evening times you will get a range of signature cocktails and I am sure the espresso martini won’t let you down.



A place that can convince me to come out of my comfort zone, is a place you must visit!

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