Alexandra Miller of Élan

As my blog grows in popularity in the hospitality and coffee space, I decided to start interviewing female founders in the luxury hospitality industry who I believe have launched amazing concepts in London and internationally.

A place I have been addicted to for the past month, Élan is a wonderful new cafe concept open till late in the heart of Mayfair next to The Dorchester and serving quality coffee, food and desserts (including sugar-free!). Alexandra Miller is a beautiful person inside and out. Through meeting her I realised the warm culture of Élan is an extension of her personality and passion to launch a brand that incorporates service, design and a great experience.

I did a small Q&A with Alexandra so that people get to know the person behind the brand that will soon be rolling out more locations and divisions.


What inspired you to open Élan?
If you’re not in the mood to go to a bar or a club, it’s very difficult to find somewhere in London to be able to just chill out in past 9pm. That’s why my team and I wanted to create somewhere that feels like a home away from home, where you can come and relax in a beautiful and peaceful space and be transported away from the hustle and bustle of London. The best part is we are open until midnight 7 days a week! 


What sets Élan apart from other cafes in London?

There is no other cafe that combines health, beauty, food and interior design all in one place. We showcase both style and substance. Élan is a space for everyone and everything, from being a unique coffee shop with healthy, nutritious food, offering vegan and sugar free cakes, to the finest coffee with latte art on every cup. It is also a platform where people can showcase their talents through our monthly workshops. Whether it be flower arranging, coffee making, bag embellishing, the list goes on. It has a very homely feel to it and that’s why it has become a space where people hold events, clubs, brunches, anything and everything! 

We are also launching Élan beauty which is in line with Élan’s philosophy of healthy, natural food and products. We believe that what you put onto your skin should be as good as what you put into your body. Because of this we created a collection of natural and sustainable beauty products, made fresh to be used fresh. Using a minimum-waste system, we recycle coffee by-products into an earth-friendly range of scrubs and masks for face, body and hair. Our formulations are made in-store for customers, and because they contain no preservatives or harmful chemicals,they are designed to be used within 24 hours. By being able to combine all these things we set ourselves apart from the rest by being able to build a brand and not just a basic cafe. 


The interiors of Élan are very unique and welcoming. Who designed the cafe?

The interior of Élan has been designed by our interior designer Sarah. She works closely with my design and architectural team Holland and Harvey and our branding agency Junction Studios.  We have a team that make all our furnishings to order especially for Élan. So they are all unique one off pieces. Who knows, maybe one day we will have an Elan furniture store!


Whats next for you?

I am preparing for the launch of Élan in Brompton Road, Knightsbridge at the end of October this year. So right now that’s what I’m concentrating on. When that is completed I will keep opening more within London quite soon after. I’m sure that’s going to keep me pretty busy for a while and then I will think about expanding worldwide. 
What should one try during their first visit to Élan?

Definitely our Spanish Latte. It’s definitely one of our best sellers! We also do an amazing breakfast, I would highly recommend the Shakshuka! 

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