The Water Tower

This was my second time staying in Williamsburg and The Williamsburg Hotel. However, this time round the very chic Water Tower at the hotel had opened. I didn’t know much about the space before checking in but whoever I had mentioned staying at the hotel to, knew about the exclusive bar and appeal for it due to it being a very unique way of using the space and pretty much is a sight for everyone watching from the outside.

For me the Williamsburg Hotel is a great spot to stay at. It is in the heart of Williamsburg, close to all the independent boutiques, cafes and restaurants. The Williamsburg Hotel supports and partners with many local businesses which makes it very appealing to travelers like myself. Secondly, being a founder of a Women’s Only Breakfast Club, it is one of the few hotels I personally know after The Lowell Hotel, which is co-owned by a woman, Toby Moskovits and I love supporting women in business. There is nothing more inspiring for me.

The Water Tower is much smaller than what you would expect a rooftop (as one may call it) bar being. That is what makes the space very special. It is intimate, chic and has the best views of the Manhattan skyline with an amazing line up of cocktails.

It is the perfect way to either start your evening before heading out for dinner as it has a very different and laid back atmosphere to when you are joining in after midnight when the atmosphere . For me I was looking for a relaxed drink before heading out to dinner in the city so I popped in and soaked up the views.

The interiors are colourful and playful with plush velvet sofas and graphic posters. A separate elevator takes you up to the bar. It is definitely worth a visit!

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