Coffee with Joy Isaacs of ARgENTUM Apothecary

I promised myself that even though 2020 restricted us from meeting new people easily I wouldn’t stop reaching out to interesting female entrepreneurs who inspired me and had a special story to share.

I have always been very careful about the skincare I use. I try to keep my routine as simple as possible and I wouldn’t claim to be a beauty junkie. Since I started using the ARgENTUM Apothecary products, my skin has started glowing and I have felt less of a need to wear makeup (even though we aren’t going anywhere, I am even avoiding the small amount of foundation I have been using for going on walks). This could also be due to a number of factors including sleeping well, barely drinking as all bars are shut and cooking at home.

Joy is a strong believer in balance and speaking to her made me realise the ethos of her brand isn’t all about sales or oversubscribing the use of her entire product range.

Joy’s story is even more interesting as she dreamt of launching a skincare brand that used silver. Her approach to skincare is beyond material products!

How did you start getting involved in skincare?

My career had always been in a more corporate environment but this started to shift into a more creative sphere when I took on the role as head of marketing for Gieves & Hawkes.  After I got married and started a family I decided to take a career break to focus on my children. A few years later, I had a vivid dream that involved the use of silver in skincare and I believe this was inspired by an unfortunate infection I had after surgery.  At that time the doctors recommended the use of silver dressings which were miraculous in their healing. 

How would describe the brand?

Unique and powerful skincare, where science meets poetry. There is no expense spared in the materials and quality of our products and instead of focusing on a target audience and its price point, we are driven by the integrity and science of our patented formula without compromising on the cost of ingredients.  

Although our products are underpinned by scientific knowledge, I also believe there are psychological implications as our skin being the largest organ of the human body, surely reflects how we feel on the inside.  

Is there an astrological element to the brand? 

Every product comes with an ARgENTUM archetype card, these are beautifully illustrated visual messages delivered by chance, but always with love.  They are a mirror to seeking balance through beauty, an unorthodox way of accessing our sub-conscious.
Our archetypes write monthly poetry to accompany their symbolic imagery as another tool in uncovering and discovering ourselves.  

What is the definition of beauty to you?

To me beauty is balance and on a physical level, this can be interpreted as symmetry. Anything that is balanced feels comforting and reflective of feminine energy.  Natural inner beauty is just as important, so it is our responsibility as a brand to reinforce this truth.

How have you found starting a business in London?

London has a world of opportunity and in many ways is the centre of it all but launching ARgENTUM during the era of the internet allowed us to access a global market, with an opportunity to sell our products internationally. 

What are your plans for the future?

We are looking at bringing a lifestyle element to the brand next year around fragrances, rituals, and silver. Stay tuned!

Do you have a role model?

I admire those female entrepreneurs who undoubtedly have to have had the determination and grit in making it to the top of their respective fields. They all deserve applause.  

Where do you find the calmest in London?

There are many beautiful calm spaces to visit in London, that is why I follow on Instagram as they are a huge source of inspiration for this beautiful city we live in.

Your favourite travel destination?

I love Italy, in particular, Tuscany which has such magical energy to it. I haven’t been in a long time so hopefully, 2021 will open up for me to take a holiday there.

A valuable lesson you have learned in life?

I always come back to my soul purpose to ensure that I haven’t deviated from its expression. When I stay true to myself and link my passion projects to my purpose things always seem to align.

More on Joy Isaacs HERE

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