An Ode to that Pink Building on the Upper East Side

My first trip as an adult to New York was in 2014. It was a hot summer and I was in the city for a brief visit. I treated myself to a special night at The Mark Hotel which was exceptional and swanky. Some industry colleagues told me about it in London and it seemed to be the perfect choice for the last night in the city.

However, I remember being exhausted on my last day and walking back from the 60s up to Madison Avenue when I recall turning right and noticing a ‘pink building’ on a tree-lined street. I walked closer and remember reading the name, The Lowell Hotel. I said to myself, not this time but next I’ll definitely come by to see what the story behind this hotel is…and I left with that thought not knowing what the universe had planned for me.

Little did I know, I had manifested a wonderful relation. The Lowell first became a client of the agency I worked with, then followed a relation with the Owner on her brand, and then came my relation with the wider team and managing some of their social channels and partnerships. I place a lot of importance on the work but I also place heavy emphasis on the beauty of the relation, care, and personal growth I have experienced from knowing the management team, ownership, and colleagues who run that ‘pink building’!. 

As the world opens up slowly after a very tough year, I want to believe that we should all look forward positively and begin to manifest some wonderful new stories which could probably take days, years, or even decades to develop but we will recall the days we planted the seeds and wait for the magic to happen. One never knows where relations lead but if we go in with the best intentions and hope, anything is possible!

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