MarieBelle SoHo New York

Nothing beats waking up early in New York to make my way downtown to SoHo. I don’t know if it is just me, but SoHo feels like another city. It is chic, bright and the coffee shops are another level of trendy.

I had arranged prior to leaving to New York to meet with Maribel, the Founder of Mariebelle Chocolates. I wouldn’t describe myself as a massive chocoholic but having worked in the chocolate industry in a previous life, I love discovering what chocolatiers are up to across the major cities. MarieBelle’s design and philosophy caught my eye and being a female founder, I wanted to spend some time with her and learn her story.

Maribel introduced New York to the concept of cacao, it’s origins and the versatility of the product. She pushed the boundaries when it came to launching an independent chocolate company in the city, competing with some big names.

Spending time with Maribel was so inspiring – a down to earth and passionate businesswoman who shared some great life stories with me, one vital one which is to make the most of every opportunity and enjoy life. Her interiors are inspired by her travels and visits to antique markets.

More on MarieBelle can be found HERE

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