A week at Jacques….

I have been visiting The Lowell for years and needless to say, it is a home away from home but rarely did I spend the amount of time I did during this trip, mingling with guests, the team at Jacques and The Club Room and realising how well connected the place can be if you are willing to immerse yourself you will find yourself connecting to a very like minded community that chooses to stay at the hotel or visit the bar. Everyone is looking for a sense of community and connection.

The Lowell is home to Majorelle, Jacques Bar, The Club Room and The Pembroke Room, all with unique personalities but beautifully intertwined. If you are staying at the hotel, you will often find yourself mingling with guests across the various rooms and spaces. A special encounter with some guests made this trip extremely serendipitous for me. I met a couple from Colorado staying at the hotel during the weekend when I returned from a shopping trip in the neighborhood. They struck up a conversation with me and the next thing I knew, I was chatting to them about my experience and career and the gentleman, a successful finance professional, was keen to support and offer any advice to me as a professional. We had instantly formed a wonderful connection which developed over the next few days as we continued to run in to each other at the hotel and bar. They soon invited me for a drink and we ended up sharing burgers at Jacques. We shared stories that were engulfing us in the moment and perhaps that is a way to form a long term friendship. Issues you’re faced with in the moment, big or small, can be very disarming and speaking to someone about it then makes a huge difference, especially with strangers who then become friends through that barrier you eventually drop. Their advice to me and perhaps mine to them in the moment was very comforting. We believed we were meant to meet and plan to remain connected. Sometimes I can’t believe what the universe presents to me because I always end up meeting amazing people in New York that couldn’t have happened unless that moment was written in that particular time and this encounter certainly was.

Once that couple checked out, I ended up spending an afternoon or so again at Jacques connecting to the staff and learning their stories. They all have come from different corners of the world, but they are extremely special and insightful on life. They love connecting guests to one another and make it a special little room full of cheer and memories you can’t replicate elsewhere. My last day at the bar, I joined a leaving party of one of the members of the team and just felt like part of the family. I can’t wait to be back!

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