Frenchette Bakery

I discovered Frenchette on Thanksgiving Day last year when everything else was shut down in the area that morning. I stumbled upon Frenchette, nestled in a residential building on Church Street not far from the Walker Hotel Tribeca. As I walked towards the bakery in the residential lobby, I saw a massive a queue, leading to the bakery and I realised I had discovered a gem.

Like many other restaurants and businesses in New York and around the world Frenchette restaurant pivoted and opened a bakery during the pandemic. However, what I realised is they are extremely good at it. The quality of the baked goods, the flavours and above all the staff that is managing the bakery makes it an extremely special place to be.

During my next visit to the city, I met with the Director of the bakery, Melissa. Her story touched me and was something I really related with. Melissa moved from Australia to fulfill her dream to live in New York City with her husband. She hadn’t arrived with a concrete plan but is now running the bakery operations of Frenchette and part of something that is truly a New York story. If it weren’t for my interest in coffee shops and bakeries, I wouldn’t have met someone like Melissa who is a true believer in manifesting your dreams and whatever you do want to achieve in life.

Hospitality is a wonderful industry to be associated with. It connects people on a deeper and raw level. I have met people form all walks of life and if anything, they have grounded me.

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