The Walker Hotel TriBeca

The Walker has become a home away from home. It’s a wonderful feeling when you revisit a hotel or restaurant, and you’re immediately recognised by the staff. It’s also wonderful when you’re checking out and the staff asks when you’ll be back. All these small details make a world of a difference.

The Walker Hotel TriBeca is an envigorating and modern property. It is definitely meant for those who want a busier vibe around their hotel lobby in the morning, a great bar to frequent and rooms they don’t see themselves spending all their time in the rooms.

Having said that, The Walker TriBeca has THE MOST comfortable beds I have ever slept in! The hotel is wonderfully situated at walking distance from Canal Street (which I didn’t realise till recently is technically China town but you do not notice the crowds at this side of the property) and the more glamorous side of New York – SoHo, TriBeca’s chic restaurants and my beloved Bowery neighborhood.

Staying downtown has it’s advantages. Lots of people rave about the restaurants that downtown offers, the best bars and street food. I agree, if you’re looking to frequent the best of the best in New York, TriBeca is a great bet plus it is also peaceful at times such as weekends and holidays. I loved staying here on Thanksgiving – though a lot was closed around us, it was a beautiful neighborhood to explore.

My favourite feature at the hotel is the lobby – decked out with amazing sofas, books and work stations, it is the ideal place to unwind, have a coffee (Doesn’t get better than having the option of a Bluebottle Cafe) and get some work in.

Lastly, the team behind Walker is special and own several hotels around the US under different brand names. But they understand hospitality, comfort and trends!

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