A Sanctuary in Times Square

When people talk Times Square, they’re usually referring to extremely busy and full of tourists. Very few people want to stay in Times Square because the assumption has always been big hotels, impersonal service and chain restaurants and a very overwhelming atmosphere.

I personally enjoy staying in the neighborhood due to many reasons. It is easy to get to different neighborhoods, there are some amazing hidden gems in the neighborhood such as The Little Pie Company (whuch is a must try!) and there is something magical about waking up early and taking a stroll through Times Square when no one is there.

This past May, I checked in to The Sanctuary Hotel in Times Square. One word; unexpected. The Sanctuary is also home to a beautiful hidden gem, rooftop sushi bar, Sushi Lab. I was surprised to see many locals frequenting it and enjoying the start of a summer season. The cocktails and food are extremely innovative and take inspiration from all over the world. 

The pied a terre design of the Sanctuary Hotel makes one feel disconnected from the outside noise and craziness of the city. I loved the red leather interiors, plush robes and chandeliers in the bedrooms. The service is personalised, attentive and caring.

Cocktails at Sushi Lab
Something off the menu to try before it launched!

The highlight of my stay was dinner at Sushi Lab before flying back to London. The restaurant was buzzing this May evening. Service and food was impeccable and above all, I realised there is always a sanctuary to be found in New York – if you look hard enough!

Visit Sanctuary Hotel’s Website for More Info!

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