Parisian Luxury: My Favorites

Parisian definition of luxury blew me away during my trip in March. I thought I had experienced luxury till I stepped in to Le Meurice and was taken aback by their synergy of classic and modern interiors. Here is a round up of some of my favourites.

Le Meurice

My favourite feature at Le Meurice is this beautiful carpet set in a the pristine lobby. The colours, service and charm of the public areas has me sold. As rich as the interiors are, the place is extremely relaxing and welcoming. I have loved frequenting The Dorchester Hotels in London, but Le Meurice took luxury to another level.

The charm of the hotel was in their welcoming staff, eagerness to show you around (since the hotel has been through a renovation, they are extremely proud of their achievement!) and knowledge of the details.

La Reserve

La Reserve shouts private townhouse and exclusivity to me. There is privacy, luxury and comfort all in one. My favourite feature of this property was the dining room. Tables spread out nestled in interiors that would make you feel absolutely disconnected from the busy life of Paris. La Reserve is rooted around wellness and food, but despite that, the hotel has not held back when it comes to providing extremely plush interiors and space.

The Ritz Paris

The grand dame of Paris, and little did I know, it is still privately owned. This property blew me away. Every nook and corner was luxurious, detailed and extravagant. It would be hard to even pick a favourite but if I had to, I would choose the entrance and the lobby staircase which very much reminded of the London lobby (which is not connected to this property).

Exploring some of Paris’ best hotels was extremely invigorating for me. As much as I love the hotels I have worked with and still do, I believe we all have so much to learn from one another and be inspired by. Paris has woven luxury with history, art and literature – a rare combination to be found in modern cities these days.

Above all, all the hotels I visited in Paris had a soul.

Last but not the least, my last night I visited a special bar tucked at the back of The Nolinski Hotel and just had to try their special tequila creation with hibiscus.

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