The Wythe & My Snowstorm Adventure in Williamsburg

My first visit to The Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg and Brooklyn!


I have visited New York a total of 6 times in the past 3 years and I hadn’t been to Brooklyn yet. I have had many misconceptions. One, it always seemed like a big journey to partake from Manhattan and two it seemed to be a very different atmosphere to that of the city discouraging me to spend a day out there. Earlier in 2017 whilst I was planning my trip I decided to spend a week in New York of which I would spend a few nights in Williamsburg. The Wythe as Brooklyn’s first luxury boutique hotel had to be my first choice located in a 116-year-old factory building – though doesn’t feel like it anymore!

I am so lucky I flew in 6 hours before the snowstorm started. I had been counting days to my trip and I would have been heartbroken if it got cancelled. The Wythe Hotel has an extremely warm and welcoming feel to it. I had a very exhausting flight over and checking in to the room completely transformed my energy from tired to immediately upbeat. The views caught my breath. I could see the Manhattan skyline from my room without any obstruction! Something you will not get in Manhattan (naturally!).


The Room: Depsite being simplistic – the rooms are charming. The room sizes are unparalleled with extremely spacious bathrooms and heated floors – again something Manhattan can rarely beat. The minibar is a mini-independent Brooklyn food guide with independent gins, chocolates to crisps. I could feel the hotel is proud to be a Brooklyn landmark and only wants guests to take away the best experience possible. I have rarely felt this at any hotel I have stayed at in the past. I must mention I used the Goldies shampoo and hair conditioner (I usually do not trust hotel haircare!) and they were one of the best I have ever used – I didn’t feel the need to buy more product whilst I was there. The fact I could peek from the bathroom in to the room was something I want for my own apartment in the future. A very cool and dainty feature.

See the mini window? Isn’t it the cutest?


Le mini bar!

The F&B: Reynard is a wonderful restaurant with very friendly staff – it was ideal for my first night at the hotel. Ides Bar is another level of stunning Manhattan views  – perfect for a date night! Peter, the Owner, was telling me that the hotel is a great destination for weddings and I can totally understand why couples would choose this place. It is intimate, personal and romantic. If you are looking to pop the question – this is the place!

The Neighborhood: Williamsburg really does have everything. Bedford Avenue is a mix of great fashion, food and bars. The day that the snowstorm adventure started I braved my way to Toby’s Estate which I was delighted to discover is the first one and where it all started. They have a roastery and amazing space for freelancers to work from. I was surprised at the tolerance Williamsburg has for freelancers looking for a place to work from – it doesn’t happen in London (unless you order 10 coffees and food). Wythe Hotel is walking distance to the L Train (which I heard is closing down next year?!) and a 15 min journey to 14th Street Union Square which cleared my misconception on distance to Manhattan. I enjoyed my early morning jet lagged walks exploring an upcoming neighborhood, relaxed atmosphere and honestly it is a place I will definitely stay at again.

In a nutshell, The Wythe Hotel made a great effort to make my stay exciting and guiding me through the neighborhood and even encouraged me to go out and enjoy the snow!

This snowstorm was also being called ‘The Bomb’!

The hotel has a great story and has been at the cusp of transforming the neighborhood. I do hope the neighborhood remains primarily driven by independent businesses and brands.

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