The Roasting Party

Pavilion Road holds a special place in my heart. I used to work with a perfume brand many years ago here and back then the street was dead – literally dead. It is good to see a massive transformation of independent food retailers and a wonderful new coffee place called The Roasting Party. The Roasting Party’s coffee is available in District which is where I first came across it. The Roasting Party’s own independent site on Pavilion Road is a great little pitstop for your caffeine kick on the way home or at the end of a busy day shopping.

Kirby the Founder spent some time talking to me about his vision for the brand and what really excited me is that they will be opening something soon in New York! There is a massive difference when you try the coffee at the Roasting Party and compare it to a high street chain like Starbucks. The blend, the texture and quality is much higher. I would highly recommend you give this place a try!



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