Breakfast at The Baccarat

I visited The Baccarat for the first time when it opened in 2014. At that time I was only passing through and didn’t get a chance to properly try it out. The Baccarat is one of the most palatial properties I have ever visited. Having breakfast here made me realise how understated the actual experience of being here is. Ofcourse it attracts all sort of UHNW clientele but it is equally welcoming to all kinds of guests (there is no strict dress code! – something you would expect at a similar property in London!).

The Salon is on the 2nd Floor and faces MoMa. It is adorned with Baccarat pieces but still a very comfortable place to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. It was a calm and relaxed experience for me. You feel cut off from the craziness of the city yet you are walking distance to Columbus Circle and Fifth Avenue. I noticed people hosting meetings, working on laptops (New York is very tolerant to laptop use as opposed to London I have learned during this trip!).

Two things I love about breakfast – one of the best Pain au Chocolats I have had and a very reasonably priced menu. I went for the granola with greek yogurt. Also loved the fact portions were relatively smaller as compared to other New York restaurants which a) helped me in finishing my meal and b) made it feel like a more delicate affair.

You must try the Baccarat Hotel for a drink in the evening or breakfast. It will add some sparkle to your day!

My friend’s purple reading glasses in the background make this photo seem way more candid!


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