The NoMad Bar

I met with a fellow hospitality professional during this visit and he is obsessed with hotel bars and restaurants. Having been in the industry for a very long time, he named the top 3 favourite places in New York – one of which was the NoMad Hotel’s Elephant Bar. New York has got me addicted to sitting and dining at bars. The experience is unparalleled to dining in the restaurant. You meet so many new people and its the perfect spot for people watching. I spent an evening having one of the best margaritas I have had paired with this Chicken burger with fois gras and black truffle mayo paired with the biggest portion of fries I have ever had. I must mention once I finished 70% of the fries the bartender couldn’t resist saying ‘well done!’. There has to be something wrong with me! The NoMad Bar ambience is that of a cosy tavern, dim lit and welcoming.

NoMad is a very happening neighborhood of New York and draws a very relaxed and hip crowd. I do hope the hotel opens one day in London but in the meantime if you want something different to a beef burger – go check this one out!



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