The National

The first time I visited a Jeffrey Zakarian restaurant was at the Lambs Club at The Chatwal last year which is in comparison a very formal experience. The National is a grand cafe in midtown which had an extremely buzzy atmosphere at lunchtime despite it being -12 degrees in January! I love bistros as they usually have a very relaxed yet top notch service. The National has two areas. One for a more formal dining experience and the cafe side for those who need something more laid back.

My obsession with burgers is quite evident on my blog and my mission is usually to discover something different every time. The Ugly Burger at The National is your GUILTY PLEASURE. Comes with pickled jalapenos, pickles and is the right level of spicy and flavoursome. I had my first British Christmas in 9 years last year in London at a friend’s house in the countryside and I discovered no one really likes brussels sprouts. I don’t mind them but wouldn’t have been my first choice of a side. After trying the brussel sprouts here I was convinced they are a great side to have if done properly so definitely order them when you come out here and then I would recommend a long walk back to your hotel!



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