My First Visit to Paris: Hotel Gramont

Paris for the first time…

I waited for 11 years for my British Passport. I didn’t want to go through the constant hassle of getting visit visas, so when I became a British national in January, I knew this could be it – the doors to freely traveling within the EU and many other countries would open. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit in March and I was stuck. I think very few people would be able to say they experienced Paris for the very first-time post lockdown and partially amidst a pandemic. I visited in August which is generally known as a quiet time for Paris and with the looming pandemic the city was quieter than I have ever seen any major city but my experience was nonetheless magical! Coming out of lockdown in London, the relatively quieter streets of Paris weren’t much of a shocker!

Many hotels were closed but I chose a wonderful boutique hotel in the Opera District, Hotel Gramont. Recently renovated, it only has 25 rooms and is on a quiet street, Rue de Gramont. I stayed in one of the terrace suites which are situated on the top floor and have stunning views of the city and beautiful interiors and a beautiful chic bathroom with a walk in shower and the best lighting to get ready for the evening (a very important factor!). Checking in to a hotel after 5 months was very exciting for me. It gave me a sense of freedom and adventure which I naturally didn’t feel having been under lockdown for so many months. Being in a different bathroom after months, hotel amenities, new chic interiors and a beautiful ready made bed welcoming you is a treat now we all would appreciate.

The hotel has very beautiful pastel shades and modern interiors yet with a Parisian style which makes you feel a part of the local neighborhood. Hotel Gramont is a ten-minute walk away from the Galeries Lafayette (which was my first stop after I arrived), some great brasseries, and Grands Boulevard connecting you easily to the rest of Paris.

What I absolutely love about boutique hotels is that you get a chance to know the entire team that will be working during your stay including the General Manager and Front Office Manager. They were all very helpful with what I could be doing during my visit. 

Since I stayed during a tricky time, COVID 19, I felt the rooms and public spaces were extremely well sanitized, clean, and tidy. There was very little clutter anywhere and the room was stocked with everything I needed. I do feel smaller hotels like Gramont are more capable of handling travelers’ needs during this time. Despite there being relatively minimal travel during this time to Paris, the hotel made the trip feel as normal as possible for me and were extremely encouraging of all the places I wanted to visit. The hotel felt very safe as well.

I couldn’t recommend this hotel more! It is also a ten-minute drive from Gare Du Nord so you’ll be back at the station in no time. 


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